What should you do after your teen attempts suicide?

Suicide is the biggest killer of young Australians today, with over 300 deaths by suicide each year, which is almost double the figure of young people who are killed in car accidents. If your teenager has attempted suicide and failed, life will not go back to normal for you or your child any time soon. However, there are some things that you can do following the suicide attempt to work through this difficult time. [Read More]

Relationship counselling to manage secret debts

With nearly 20% of couples holding some kind of secret debt from each other, its' no wonder this topic has become the elephant in the room for many couples. If you have discovered your partner has been hiding debts from you, it's a great idea to go into relationship counselling at a place like Inner Dimensions to discuss the underlying reasons behind this hidden spending. What have they been buying? It is important to examine what has been buying. [Read More]

Forging Strong Bonds | 3 Tips to Transform Your Strained Relationship With Your Spouse

Marriages aren't always made in heaven –– they require a lot of hard work to stay afloat. With the stressful duties of modern lives where both spouses work all day, strained relationships are sometimes inevitable. And while some strains may be more significant than others, you require commitment to give your relationship a chance at survival. Relationship counselling is an important factor that could help couples through their tough times, but there are also some tips to help you transform your strained relationship with your spouse. [Read More]